Saturday, July 2, 2011

Put your blinders on.

I love this skirt!!! Its actually not even a skirt. It was used to poof up a real skirt. But its one of my favourite pieces ever(¨,)

Ph. by cedric Moreau

Friday, July 1, 2011

This is the end.

                      (Top worn as dress H&M, Tee gift from NY, Bag thrifted, boots Guiseppe Zanotti)

The end is near. My family leaves in 3 days. Preparing myself because I'm going to bawl!!! All good here in sunny paris, seen a ton of movies this week. Loved Tree of Life. Those are the most beautiful images I saw in my life. Please go watch it if you still haven't. Other than that I've been so busy with work and entertaining my family that I'm averaging about 4 hours sleep per night.But I did steal 5 mins to upload my look.  That is what I wore to work today.

Ph. by Cedric Moreau

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


                                           (jumpsuit H&M, bra COS, shoes Aldo)

Taking my mum and sister around has made me kind of a tourist too. Its pretty cool. Ran to meet them after work at the Rodin museum. We played a little and the I got dragged to see Hangover 2. It wasn't a total waste because I finally got a chance to reply to all my mails. But I must confess there werer some parts, far and few between that were funny.
Its finally summer again in Paris after a sucky week of rain. As you see I'm trying to see how little material I can get away with(¨,)

Ph. by Nam

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gay pride.

                ( Hoodie All Saints, tee Abraham Will, shorts H&M, boots Vivienne Westwood)
Hey ya'll went to the gay pride with my mum , sister and a bunch of friends. Fun. Fun. Fun. We danced on the streets of Paris but ofcourse we ate Berthillon icecream fo energy first!!! Paris is so much better in the summer. Yes, I look like a hobo but hey I knew those queens would steal my shine. So why bother, eh? As for the last pretty girl, that's my friend Sasha. She is the only woman who stole my attention away from the proud, party people(¨,) My family will stay here a week more and after that I promise I'll whip my own ass back into blogger.

Take care and see you soon

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


              (Hat from Paris, neckpiece Little Shilpa, shirt Abraham Will,Shorts Zara, shoes ASOS)

I need a new camera lens. Somebody F#!&ed this up grrrrrrrrrrrrr

Ph. by Nam